Hawaii Weddings

Wedding Guide for Hawaii

Most brides, and many grooms have fantasies of having a wedding in a tropical paradise. Hawaii would make a perfect tropical paradise for a wedding. Couples can have their wedding at a beachfront resort, on a beach with fantastic ocean views, at a gazebo in a tropical garden, or a beautiful wedding chapel offered at a wedding resort. There are also many locations in the upcountry of Hawaii that can give a couple more isolation and privacy for their weddings.

Locations for a Hawaii Wedding

Oahu is a great location to have a wedding. It is near one of the most popular beaches in the United States, the ever great Waikiki Beach. Couples can spend both their wedding and their honeymoon in this tropical location. Oahu is also one of the less expensive places to have a wedding, which is what makes it so popular.

Maui is the most popular location for a wedding and it is the most widely sought after place, even though it can be much more expensive than weddings at other locations in Hawaii. Maui has some of the luxurious hotel resorts that are located on beachfront property. There are also up-country locations in Maui that will give more isolation and privacy for a wedding.

Kauai is another great location for a wedding. It is a smaller island with a lot of tropical foliage that will make for a very nice small wedding ceremony. Since Kauai is a much smaller island, there will be less choices for wedding packages.

The Big Island of Hawaii is a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons because of the many different hotel resorts, beaches, and activities. Kohala and Kona in West Hawaii are the places that most weddings take place.

Finding a Celebrant

Couples who only want to have their wedding ceremony in Hawaii can find a celebrant from the Department of Health or checking online. A celebrant will help them to get their marriage license and marriage certificates together so that they can get their wedding on the way.

A Wedding Coordinator is another person who can take care of these types of arrangements for a couple. Wedding packages from Wedding Resorts will also have the wedding license added with the package for the couples.

Wedding Photographers in Hawaii

Professional photographers are always much better at taking pictures than inexperienced family and friends. If a couple want to make sure that they get the most out of their wedding pictures, they will be better off hiring a photographer. Professional photographers also have all of the best equipment for the job. They are skilled and experienced, and they know the best ways to take pictures to get the best appearances in each photo. They can also take wonderful photographs of the location and beautiful mountains, ocean, and sunsets.

Extras for a Hawaii Wedding

Couples can buy their wedding rings in Hawaii that will help them to remember their special day every time that they look at their rings. Hawaii has great wedding rings that are very different from the traditional wedding rings. Hawaiian rings are made out of Koa wood, which are endemic type of wood rings. Koa also makes many handcrafted products, such as bowls.

Other great wedding extras are wearing Leis on a couples necks while they get married. There are two different types of Leis, which are ginger and pikake leis, as well as men’s leis, which are maille leaf leis.

Weddings can be a wonderful experience when it is spent in a beautiful island paradise in Hawaii. They can be expensive, but when a couple loves each other, they want the best for their special day. Once a couple decides to have their wedding in Hawaii, they can get all the help they need from wedding planners and wedding packages from wedding resorts. Hawaii is catered for weddings.

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