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Posted in Hawaii on Sep 11, 2010

Wedding Day

When planning a wedding, couples can get creative in Hawaii. Hawaii is one of the most preferred paradises for a wedding to take place with all of its natural splendor. Couples can have the option of getting married in a helicopter, on the beach, or at a chapel that is near beautiful views of the ocean and gorgeous landscapes. People can add their wedding and honeymoon together in the same tropical paradise without having to spend extra time and money. Weddings can bring the perfect combination for a wonderful recipe with its famous Hawaiian sunsets, golden beaches, and beautiful volcanic mountains. Couples will never forget their wonderful Hawaiian wedding, and neither will their loved ones who witnessed it.

Natives of Hawaii are known for giving spectacular weddings since they themselves give some of the most special authentic weddings that bode well with their traditions. The traditional Hawaiian weddings are a lot like most other weddings with a priest and music at the beginning of the ceremony. The only significant difference is that the bride and groom usually wear Hawaiian robes. Another notable difference is that a conch player is used to call the Pu for the traditional start of the ceremony.

Couples who decide to hold their wedding ceremony in Hawaii will notice the long list of different venues as which to hold their wedding, as well as many resources, such as wedding planners who can help with all of the arrangements. People will also find plenty of wonderful places to spend their honeymoons. Wedding Planners are notorious for pulling off the best weddings, especially in Hawaii.

Having a wedding in Hawaii will send a new couple off in the right direction. There are many wonderful places to spend a Honeymoon in Hawaii. The many islands of Hawaii offer different secluded spots on the islands to find time to relax after such a stressful, but rewarding time. Couples will have their choice with many different wedding packages that will have accommodations at a five star luxury hotel, as well as more private and secluded venues. Maui alone will give couples a wonderful start with their miles and miles of red, black, and white sand beaches that stretch over 120 miles of a thirty mile coastline. Newly married couples will also have plenty to do with swimming, tanning, surfing, or snorkeling. There will also be many wonderful golf and tennis courts to take part in. Taking romantic picnics and hikes on some of the most famous trails in Hawaii is another great idea for a honeymoon.

Visiting some of the most active volcanoes, such as Kilauea which has been erupting continuously for over twenty five years would be an exciting experience for many couples. They can witness the steam that is created by lava as it spills out into the ocean. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park consists of a fifty mile stretch that encircles the crater and descends all the way to the coast where people can watch as the lava flows into the sea. Cameras are the only way to capture this once in a life time experience.

For honeymoon couples who are looking for a little bit of history will find the Island of Oahu and Honolulu a great place to find a lot of information about the island, such as how big wave surfing became so popular, how Hawaii was the home of a monarchy, and information on the attack on Pearl Harbor, which was the starting point for World War II. People will find much more to do in Hawaii than just the traditional suntanning and snorkeling. Napali Coast alone has some of the most spectacular views ever witnessed in the world. Kauai is a wonderful canyon full of gorgeous cliffs near the Kilauea Lighthouse in Waimea Canyon. Opaekaa Falls is another incredible spot to visit at sunset where they can find humpback whales and watch as they spout water from their blow holes. Wailua Falls is another can’t miss spot where people can witness an eighty foot waterfall in motion.

People who get married in Hawaii and spend their honeymoon in such an unforgettable place naturally may want to move to the island some day. The great thing is that they have already spent a lot of time in Hawaii, so they know what they are getting into. Other people who had not been to Hawaii, but want to move there should first visit the place to make sure that it is the type of place that they would want to live. Even though it is a tropical paradise, it may not be for everyone. Hawaii can definitely be an expensive place to live, but well worth it.

The real estate in Hawaii is prime with wonderful deals on Condominiums, town homes, luxury homes, and single family homes. There will be plenty of real estate options to choose from, the key is finding the best places that a person wants to live on the island. If they want to live in the bigger cities, the big island, Honolulu, and Oahu are the best places to find larger cities. For people who love the small town feel, can also find many smaller and secluded places in Hawaii that can give them everything that they are looking for. Some smaller towns to choose from are Mauna Loa, Pakala Village, Kawela Bay, Honomu, Waikane, and Kapalua just to name a few. There are over twenty-five smaller towns in Hawaii that have less than 1000 people.

It can be a frustrating ordeal when deciding where a person wants to live according to what they can afford in Hawaii. Contacting a real estate agent in the larger cities or even the smaller towns will give people some great buying tips of where to find the best deal. Finding the best places to live in Hawaii that will give them the most experiences from their locations is important. There are places to live that will give the most in mountainous regions for hiking expeditions, beautiful weather, and wonderful beaches for swimming and surfing. People will have large numbers to choose from when finding the perfect location. Location is not the only important thing when trying to find the best place to live. Property value is another important thing to pay attention too, such as the type of home that may be of interest to a person. Hawaii condo’s may be exactly what someone is looking for, or maybe a town home. The size and year of the building will also factor into the price range. Older style single family homes, condominiums, and town homes may cost less than new ones.

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