Wedding in Hawaii: Implement Tradition

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In recent times, it has been seen that Hawaii has become a hot spot for marriage ceremonies. The reason behind this is the scenic beauty and picturesque landscapes at many beaches in Hawaii. A perfect place for honeymoon at the same time! So why wouldn’t one want to carry out marriage ceremony at a place where honeymoon’s romance is always in the air? Couples don’t even require flying away to some place so as to celebrate their honeymoon.

When you are at Hawaii for your marriage ceremony, you might want to check out own Hawaii wedding customs. These customs are marvellous and beautiful. Revealing an amazing ambience, everything adds to the charm of your very own day. Their customs involve the dance of the couple and guests blessings and warm wishes in the form of money.

Flowers are presented as a part of Hawaii custom. Lei are famous rather than a bouquet. These are like flower band made to be put on head accompanied by a kiss. It holds the cultural values of showing love and care from the giver thus, should never be thrown away. That would be disrespecting other’s feelings. To keep up with the tradition, people hand these lei on the walls of their home and when they are all dried up, put in ocean.

One another important part of Hawaii tradition is to call elder people by aunties and uncles instead of using Mr or Mrs. Addressing anyone with Mr or Mrs will make you appear as rude to them and might fetch your some hatred as well. Hawaiians are particular about cleanliness and don’t let the footwear enter their home. You can remove your footwear near the entrance of the house and then continue walking in. Hawaiians don’t talk in high pitched voice. They keep their voices low as a symbol of good behaviour and politeness.

Residents of Hawaii are simple people who love to have fun. Their Aloha shirt is famous and is worn by many ‘soon to be married’ visitors that want to have their wedding in Hawaii. Aloha shirt is normally worn by the Hawaiian males. Whenever Hawaiians visit somebody, they present something as the token of love. For example, flowers or fruits. When at somebody else’s place, Hawaiians try to lend a hand in cleaning up the place and not just let the party thrower to take care of all the mess.

Their belief is very strong in the culture and tradition. However, their friendly nature reveals the honesty in them. They give priority to human values and are always ready to help others. If you are planning a wedding in Hawaii, you should try to give it a Hawaiian traditional touch by incorporating the above things in you. It’s a great way to start a new life and make your day a memorable one.

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