Kauai Weddings

Popular Kauai Wedding Locations

Kauai, Hawaii is becoming increasingly popular for a wedding location. Almost just as popular as Maui. The natural beauty of the island is like nothing else anyone has ever seen. It would make for the perfect wedding setting with all of the wonderful landscapes and tropical foliage.

Kee Beach

Kee Beach is located on the North Shore coastline, and it has some wonderful backdrop views for photographs for a wedding. It is a beach that is full of natural beauty, wonderful views, and lavish colors that reflect from the water as the sun sets, as well as splendid reef channels located on a low stone wall path. The reef channels provide magnificent views of an old and ancient volcano called the Ka Ulu a Paoa Heiau. This volcano is an indigenous ruin that was considered to be a volcano goddess called Pele. The volcano was used as a shrine to Laka, who was the goddess of hula. The rich story of this area is steeped in history that goes back for many centuries.

Botanical Gardens of Na Aina Kai – An Exotic and Tranquil Setting

A tranquil and exotic setting for a wedding is the 240 acre Botanical Gardens of Na Aina Kai. The garden has a lot of isolation that can give a couple a lot of privacy for their wedding. It is adorned with beautiful flora, seascape, beautiful manicured lawns, and a waterfall. The beach is also very conveniently located. This is as true as a paradise as it comes. Couples will feel as if they are in another world when they choose this beautiful garden as the setting for their wedding. The waterfalls, seascapes, and the other views will make for some breathtaking wedding photos.

Chapel by the Sea

Chapel by the Sea is a magnificent chapel located at Kauai lagoons that offers some of the most luxurious architecture that has ever been seen by anyone. The views of the ocean and the mountains are also a sight to be seen. The front of the chapel has elegantly styled French doors with a gazebo style look to the chapel.

Hawaiian Wedding Packages

A Wedding Planner can help a couple find the right wedding package for their tastes. Hotel resorts also have wedding packages that a couple can choose from. The wedding packages will have a list of items and expenses, so that a couple will know if the package will give them and economical wedding. A wedding package will have the name of a minister, a Lei for the wedding couple, rose petals on their beds, marriage license, location for wedding, caterer, wedding cake, make up and accessories, hair stylist, wedding certificate, as well as contact information for a wedding coordinator. At an extra cost, a wedding package will also include a musician, shell blower, wedding video, champagne, Tiki torches, limo service, florist, and a photographer.

As always, a couple can choose their own independent wedding coordinator, and purchase all of the remaining items for a wedding on their own, if they are unable to afford the wedding package.

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