Marriage License

Applying for a Marriage License in Hawaii

The first thing a couple needs to do is apply for a wedding license and certificate when they get to Hawaii. The process of applying for a marriage license is very easy. There are many marriage license agents that are available to couples to apply for the license. Each island in Hawaii will have a place to go to get a marriage license. If a couple is getting married in Honolulu or Oahu, they will go to Kinau Hale in Honolulu to apply for their license. They are always open five days a week, from eight in the morning until four in the evening.

There are also places in Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and the big island of Hawaii. The marriage license and marriage certificate are good for any area of Hawaii. Couples can also get their license in Maui, yet get married in Honolulu.

The items that a couple will need to bring with them before they apply for a marriage license is their drivers license that will show their proof of age. If a couple is younger than the age of eighteen, they will need their birth certificates. People that are under eighteen years of age will also need to get a consent letter from their parents that will give them permission to be married. Anyone over the age of eighteen will just need a valid drivers license or ID that is current.

Any couples that have been previously divorced six months prior to another marriage, will need to show their divorce decree. After these items have been brought in, a marriage license will be issued to the couple. There is not a waiting period for a marriage license, so a couple can get married on the same day if need be. The marriage license is good up to thirty days. If the marriage does not happen in thirty days, it must be returned back to the place that issued it.

If a couple is out of Hawaii, and the marriage did not happen, they will need to send the license back in a self addressed envelope to the place that issued the license. Couples can conveniently look online to find the right forms to fill out to apply for their license. The price of a marriage license is only $60. It is a fee that must be paid for in cash. The license office is unable to take checks or credit cards, or travelers checks. Appointments may also need to be made first before getting a marriage license.

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