Planning the Perfect Maui Wedding

Maui, Hawaii is another great place for a wedding. Maui is such a popular destination for a wedding that it has the most wedding coordinators out of all of the other places offered in Hawaii. For people who are not in Hawaii, they can look up Wedding Coordinators on the Internet and find hundreds of them that are very flexible and can work with anyone with any budget. Wedding Planners have coordinated weddings for people who were famous and rich, they have also coordinated weddings for people who were rich, and they have also planned weddings for people who live on a tight budget. They are experienced and skilled coordinators who know all of the right questions to ask, and they have the contacts they need to book the best beaches and hotel resorts for a wedding in Maui.

Some of the best questions to ask a Wedding Coordinator are what alternatives will they have if a storm breaks out during the wedding, or if a storm is going to happen on the day of the wedding.

Best Seasons For a Maui Wedding

The best seasons for a Maui wedding are the spring and fall months. The weather in the spring and fall stay in the sixties and eighties. There will be more chances of rain, but there will also be more chances of seeing beautiful rainbows across the sky. Whales are also more plentiful during these months. Flights and hotel costs are also much cheaper. In the springtime, there are more flowers in bloom, and fresh green trees and shrubs. Especially the Jacaranda trees in Kula. These trees turn into extravagant lavender and purpose colors with wonderful smells. The North Maui beaches will experience more rain fall than the South beaches, so a person may want to plan a wedding on one of the beaches on the South of Maui. Fall and spring months also bring less crowds than other busier months, such as the summer and winter times. The only exceptions are Spring Break and Easter. The best months for a wedding in Maui will be the months of May and October, because the flights will cost less, the hotel costs will be cheaper, and there will be less crowds.

The summer and winter months will cost a lot more for weddings, hotels, and flights to Maui. Even though the summer months bring temperatures in the nineties, the weather in Hawaii is usually wonderful all year round. The fall months are also a great time to have a wedding when it comes to economical costs. Even though there will not be as many flowers in bloom, the beautiful fall weather and brown leaves falling on the hills and the ground can make for a wonderful sight. The waterfalls will also have less water when they are flowing, but they are still beautiful none the less. The money that couples can save for their perfect wedding will be worth having their weddings in the fall.

Winter time brings the most festivities, events, concerts, celebrations, and Christmas parades. Flights will have to be booked very early in October to ensure that couples get a good deal if they fly to Hawaii in the winter. The prices for flights during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are outrageously high. Even in the winter time, Hawaii still has some of the best weather, depending on what part of the island a person is on. If a person lives upcountry in Hawaii, they will experience much warmer weather than places by the beach. Whale watching is also high in the winter months.

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