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Venues in Oahu, Hawaii For a Wedding

Two great options for a wedding are ‘Queen Emma’s Summer Palace, and a second palace called Iolani Palace.

The Royal ‘Iolani Palace

Honolulu, Hawaii is the only place to have a royalty type of palace in America. This such palace is the ‘Iolani Palace in Hawaii. Every girl has dreamed of having a castle wedding at some time in their life. The ‘Iolani Palace is a historical gem that can be that place. Parts of the grounds can be used for a wedding venue. There are policies that will a person will have to abide by first, such as applying for a license to hold a wedding at the palace. People can apply for a license at the Natural Resources Department. The ‘Iolani Palace is considered sacred, so the whole process for a permit can take a few weeks. The wedding reception can be held in the palace’s courtyard, which is called The Barracks. As all castle types look medieval, the barracks is no exception. It has towers and parapets just like a person would think a medieval castle should look. Some other activities for the wedding party is to visit the Galleries that give tours.

Summer Palace of Queen Emma

The Summer Palace of Queen Emma is a summer home that has been turned into a museum. The historic home is located in Nu’uanu Valley. There is an indoor and an outdoor place at the palace that can be used for the wedding and reception areas. The indoor area is called the Emmalani Hale and the outdoor area is a nicely built Terrace. Couples should find the summer palace an affordable place to hold a wedding.

Hold a Wedding at an Estate

Holding a wedding at a private estate can prove to be expensive, but it would be well worth the money if a couple has it to spare. The private estate options will give people an idea of what they will be getting if they chose to have a private estate for their wedding. Wedding planners can help with the arrangements and permits. They have experience in working with private estates and are very flexible to deal with.

James Campbell Estate in Lanikuhonua, Ko ‘olina

A beautiful majestic estate in Lanikuhonua is owned by James Campbell. The town that the estate resides in is translated to “Where heaven meets earth,” this can be an indication as to how wonderful the area is. The estate is located on private land and is a beachfront property. A wedding held at this estate can be a very private wedding without any other crowds around to get in the way since it is a relatively private area. For couples who would like another option besides the estate at Lanikuhonua, they can find another wedding option at Paradise Cove. Which is another gorgeous place to hold a private beachfront wedding.

Dillingham Ranch

This Ranch is a home that is an older style plantation home that is located on the North Shore of Mokuleia near the beautiful Waianae Mountains. The place has the look of what Hawaii would have looked like hundreds of years ago. Not much has changed, and that is the way they like it. The home looks like a period home that has been sought after to make many Hollywood blockbuster movies. Two such movie that has already been made at this establishment is 50 First Dates, as well as other movies. Couples who have their wedding at this ranch home should know that they will need to bring in their own wedding equipment. The home does not have extra chairs or tables.

Lanikai and Kailua, home to the Paul Mitchell Estate

Windward Coast has some of the most awesome views of the ocean that can be found in Hawaii. It is also home to The Paul Mitchell Estate in Lanikai-Kailua. The estate has many bungalow type homes that are made out of different styles of Indonesian and South Pacific. A whole wedding party can stay at this estate because it offers people seven different bedrooms to choose from, as well as a garden to hold the ceremony.

If this venue does not catch someone’s fancy, there are other options on the island. Bayer Estate located in Kai. On the North Shore is an estate called Loulu Palms, and Fanger Estate. As well as other options on the coast.

Private homes for Weddings

If a couple knows anyone in the Oahu area in Hawaii that has a large private home, this could be an option to hold a wedding. Private homes in the areas of the North Shore can give a wedding party the space they need to hold the ceremony and a reception that can include a band, food, and dancing. Many people do not know anyone in Hawaii when they decide to hold their wedding in this magnificent place, but if someone does know someone, it can save them a lot of money by holding their wedding at a private home. The money that they save can be used for other things, such as the photographer, or a wonderful wedding dress. The backyards of private homes can be used for a reception as well. The wedding party can have a home town barbecue fit with hamburgers and steaks.

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