Beach Weddings in Oahu

Hotels in Waikiki Beach, Magic Island, and Waialae Beach are great areas to have a small wedding in Oahu. Think about how much easier it would be for a whole wedding party, including the wedding planner to have a wedding at the same beach resort that the wedding party is staying in. There would no extra traveling plans to be made. There will be no extra costs for traveling fees to a wedding planner. Everything can be done at one place. It could save couples a lot of money to have their wedding at the same beachfront resort that they are staying in, and have the wedding on the beach, with the reception held on a large Veranda with barbecue grills. The bride and groom, as well as the brides maids can all get dressed in their own rooms at the resort hotel, and then meet the wedding party down on the beach for the wedding.

Beach Wedding at Windward Oahu: Makapu’u, Waimanalo, Lanikai and Kailua Beach.

Windward Oahu offers four great beaches to hold a beachfront wedding on the eastern coast of Oahu. Kailua, Waimanalo, Makapu’u, Waimanalo, and Lanikai Beach are some of the most popular beaches in the world. Thousands of people every year flock to these beaches for great weather, swimming, and windsurfing. All of these beaches offer wonderful white sand, but Lanikai may be the best option because they have two twin islands called The Mokes that people can kayak too for a romantic getaway and privacy.

Both Makapu’u and Waimanalo are also spectacular beaches to hold a wedding. Rabbit Island is a part of Makapu’u that give great views of the volcanic mountains and lava rocks.

North Shore Beaches

Waimea Bay, Ke Iki, Pounders, and Sunset Beach are some great exotic North Shore beaches in Oahu to hold a wedding. These are also popular beaches that can draw a crowd during the winter and summer months. The hardest beach to find is Ke Iki, but it will be a wonderful beach to have a wedding because the area is dispersed with large lava rocks, has wonderful sunset views, and great tides. A beach that has shore breaks that are very powerful, and got its name for this reason is Pounders Beach. Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach are also great beaches to have a wedding due to their popular surfing.

Waianae Coast Beaches

Makua Beach, Makaha Beach Park, and Pokai Beach are great beaches on the Waianae Coast to hold a wedding. The Waianae Coast is the complete opposite of a beach as Waikiki because it is much less isolated, has less crowds, and has a lot of room for privacy than the beaches at Waikiki, but it also has a higher crime rate.

Before you finish:

As with the palaces and beachfront estates, a wedding couple will also need to have a permit to hold their weddings on a beach in Oahu. Wedding planners are very good at explaining these rules and regulations, as well as helping a couple to get a permit to hold their wedding on a beach. Some other rules and regulations that most couples may not realize is that chairs and arch decorations are not allowed on a beach. An ocean front hotel may be the better option for a wedding, and a reception can be held at the beach.

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