Wedding Resorts in Oahu

Some popular venues for a wedding in Oahu, Hawaii are wedding resorts. At wedding resorts, they will have all of the coordination services that a wedding couple will need. From the officiant for the wedding, to the wedding planner, as well as sweet smelling rose petals laid out on the beds. However, these types of wedding resorts can be very costly. Holding a wedding at a regular resort and taking care of all of the wedding preparations by the wedding couple themselves, may prove to be more economical in the long run. The biggest reason that a wedding couple would have their wedding at a resort is for the location convenience and the food services for catering. Even though a wedding resort would take care of all of the preparations for a wedding, such as the photographer, florist, catering, and even the hair stylist, the price of this could be way more than what they were hoping to spend. Independent Wedding Planners may be more cost efficient. But if a couple has the extra money to spend, and they do not want to do all of their own preparations for their wedding, a wedding and honeymoon resort would work perfectly for them.

Wedding Resorts at Waikiki Hotels

Halekulani Wedding Resort

An upscale resort that allows a wedding party to use their courtyard gardens with veranda’s, is the Halekulani Wedding Resort in Waikiki. The resort has some of the most spectacular views, food, and services. This wedding resort also offers fifty chairs for the wedding party to sit in during the ceremony.

Hale Koa Hotel Wedding Resort

The military will benefit from holding their wedding at Hale Koa Hotel. This hotel and resort offers wedding and accommodations for all military personnel. The Hale Koa has beautiful outdoor gardens called The Lu’au, which has a gazebo and a beautiful waterfall. Wonderful pictures can be taken at a wedding in this garden.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Wedding Resort and Spa

The Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort and Spa offers their first free-standing Ocean Crystal Wedding Chapel for people to hold a wedding. The resort and spa is operated by Best Bridal in Waikiki. The chapel lets in a lot of natural light that will help to lighten the mood of the whole chapel and the wedding party. The resort also has a beautiful courtyard with a gazebo, waterfall, and wonderful landscaping. The inside of the resort has a ballroom and several restaurants where the reception can be held.

First Lady of Waikiki

In 1901 the very first beachfront resort at Waikiki Beach was built and was soon nicknamed The First Lady of Waikiki. The Moana Surfrider is a glamorous Victorian style resort beachfront hotel. Since 1901, the resort has gone through many face lifts, but it has still remained the beautiful Victorian style hotel that it was always meant to be. The beachfront hotel has archway windows, colonial banisters, tall columns, and even its first banyan tree still stands.

The Royal Hawaiian

The Royal Hawaiian is a hotel that has been nicknamed the “Pink Palace,” due to the hotel’s castle like appearance with castle towers. Brides particularly enjoy this oceanfront hotel for their weddings.

Outside of Waikiki

The Kahala Wedding Resort

Most wedding resorts will allow their guests to have their own wedding planners instead of taking advantage of their wedding packages, but the Kahala Resort Hotel has a mandatory wedding package that their guests must use. The vendors offered at this resort are photographers, catering services, stylists, florists, and a wedding coordinator.

Hotels on the North Shore

The Pavilion at Turtle Bay Resort

On the North Shore of Oahu there are several resorts that can be used for a wedding. The Pavilion at The Turtle Bay Resort has a wedding chapel that has stylish beveled glass for windows. The Turtle Bay Resort is an oceanfront resort that has a golf course and spa areas, and also has special rooms that can be used for a reception. Other options are the Bay View Beach Lawn, Kuilima Point, and Kahuku Terrace.

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