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Decorating an Open-Air Wedding Ceremony

Weddings done during the summer can turn out to be yet more stunning if the ceremony is held outdoors. Your marriage ceremony and reception can be beautifully carried out even in your backyard if ever you adorn it appropriately. Below are some tips that can help you in decorating an open-air wedding ceremony.

First and foremost you will need to have to following things, namely, flowers, tableware, tent, ribbons and bows, chairs and an arbor. I want to do this! What’s This?

  • In order to have a stunning yet harmonious decoration, choose a theme, it can be a Victorian, country or modern one, what is essential is that it pleases you. All the colors and decorations will be a reflection of the theme that you have chosen.
  • Make sure to put in a variety of colors in the decorations, particularly if ceremony will be carried out in the yard, which is mostly green. Adding flowers which is in harmony with the bridesmaid dresses can be a very good idea as well. Moreover you can make use of flowers which go together with the bows and ribbons bought. In addition, you set decorative plant all around your yard. It will give the whole set up a very appeasing and yet vibrant look.
  • To demarcate the place where you will be taking your vows, put a gazebo in place in that area of the yard. Along with giving the couple a special place, it will also allow the guests to have a better view of the couple. The chairs for the invitees should be placed in rows till the gazebo. The chairs can also be embellished with decorative flowers and ribbons. Put a soft cushion on each chair for comfort.
  • For the reception, make use of a white tent and leave the sides open. The decoration inside the tent should be similar to the way one decorates a banquet hall. Cover the tables with white tablecloths. Place candles, good tableware and cutlery along with a small basket of wildflowers on every table.
  • If the reception will be held at night, ensure that there is a good lighting. Use hurricane lamps and lanterns; they are more protected against the wind.
  • Do not forget to decorate the toilets. Weddings that are carried outdoors comprise of an outhouse for the invitees in most cases. Conceal it with ribbons, flowers and bows. An arbor can also be placed in front of the outhouse in order to have a fancy look.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always have a backup arrangement; you are never sure of how the weather will be.
  • Make a shaded part for people who dislike being in direct sun.
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