Enjoying a wedding ceremony without drinking the least bit of alcohol

Only because you are a tee-Toller does not imply you cannot enjoy yourself to the maximum at a wedding ceremony. On the contrary, you will be better able to enjoy yourself as your faculties will not be dulled by the alcohol.

Some suggestions are listed down to ensure that you have the most pleasurable time without consuming a single drop of alcoholic drinks.

  1. Take pleasure in the special moment

Weddings are concerned with the union of two persons in a unique bond. One should appreciate this very reality. It is a very special moment in the lives of our close one. Share their joy. It is not a moment that comes every other day, so savor this exceptional moment.

  1. Relish the food

Weddings are known for their delectable foods. You might find a wide range of delicious appetizers and a tasty multi-course meal. They spend much to make sure that the food is up to the level, so take time to really enjoy your fare. You will pay much more for it outside. The meals are also accompanied with several yummy non-alcoholic drinks.

  1. Dance

Dancing at weddings can be really funny. Do not content yourself to being a spectator; get on the floor and dance. It serves absolutely nothing to stand aside and watch the others have fun. It does not matter at all if you are not a professional dancer; weddings are primarily about having fun! Moreover, you do not have to drink to dance; in any case you will look much better dancing if you are not drunk.

  1. Participate in the activities

Most weddings make provisions of several fun activities, such as garter toss, bouquet toss, cutting the wedding cake among others. There are even some fun games that are organized at some weddings. Do take part in them and enjoy without drinking.

  1. Mingle with the people

You have the opportunity to mingle with a lot of people during weddings. Make the most of it and try to catch up with family members, close friends with whom you have lose contact or have not spoken to since a long time. Make most of this opportunity to catch with them, the thought to drink will not even cross your mind.

Furthermore, you do not have to restrict yourself to people you know. You can get to know other people whom you have been noticing during the wedding. This conversation might turn out to be the start of a long-lasting friendship.

Keep these suggestions in mind the next time you are at a wedding and make the most of it by abstaining from alcohol.

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