Finding the Right Wedding Photographer

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There is absolutely no need to be a Bridezilla or an absolute jerk to obtain what you wish when it concerns the photography of your wedding. However, you should be assertive enough so that your pictures meet your expectations. A few tips are listed down in order to help you find the wedding photographer of your choice. You will only need a telephone directory and of course a telephone!

  • Start by searching for a photographer in your vicinity. You can search for photographers who are usually for hire near the wedding venues. However, before deciding which photographer to choose, make sure that you verify the photographer’s credentials. You should ensure that the photographer has the needed experience as well as the capability to shoot for a wedding.
  • Prior to deciding over the photographer, talk about every option that is available with your future wife/husband. After having discussed well make your mind for the some photographers whom you feel are the most skilled and who will give you value for money.
  • Afterwards fix a meeting with each of the photographer. This meeting you help you in gauging the extent to which the photographers are receptive in taking guidance from you. During the meeting, you should tell the photographers that you already have a list of shots that you want to have during your wedding and see if they accept your proposition.
  • Your decision of choosing the photographer should be based on who would be easiest to work with. Also you should discuss all financial details regarding the costs that will be incurred beforehand. Make sure that you tell him the date and venue clearly.
  • You can always visit the venue accompanied by your photographer. He will as such know the location and can start planning where he can do the shots.
  • Following this meeting, do have a talk with your photographer some days before the wedding, just to make sure that everything is okay. Refresh his mind about what you want as final product. Make sure that your photographer knows what you are exactly expecting from him.

Some Tips and Warnings

  • Be firm but courteous. Bear in mind that if you are working with a professional photographer he will commit himself and give you what you are asking. There is no reason to be rude or snobbish.
  • Nearly all photographers will charge you a fixed fee for attending your wedding and shooting pictures. Afterwards you can choose the pictures that you want and buy them.

Select photographers who are ready to provide samples. If s/he refuses to do so, you can always search for someone else.

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