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One can have a simple marriage but yet make most of all the fanfare and celebration that justly accompanies such a life-changing and auspicious event. However, you should know what you mean by the word “simple”. Does simple mean coat saving for you? Or it is more about being intimate and elegant?

In both cases, having a simplistic marriage ceremony will cater for both of those objectives; when you keep a marriage simple, you obtain intimacy, elegance as well as decrease the cost.

* Wedding dress

Weddings are usually planned by keeping the bride’s dress in mind. The wedding plans will take shape depending on the dress that the bride chooses; a lavish and formal one or a simple yet elegant one. Therefore if you are for a simple wedding choose one that is simple but still looks stunning on you.

* Wedding party

Do not invite each and every person that you know. Pick and choose you have your best friend, sister, a flower girl, best man, ring bearer and a maximum of two ushers and bridesmaids.

* Guest list

In order to have a simple marriage make a guest list that consists of your closest family members and friends. Having an elaborate list will definitely sabotage your plans of having a simple marriage. As it is everybody will wish to invite people they know and this can turn out to be quite chaotic. It is therefore crucial to remain determined and stick to a set number of invitees. The latter should be people whom the couple interacts with quite frequently. People whom you barely know can be made aware of your wedding through an announcement in the newspaper.

* Ceremony

In place of a huge church, choose an intimate chapel. Another alternative is combining your marriage ceremony and reception at the location where the reception will take place. Nearly all ministers and priests are pleased to perform a simple wedding.

* Reception

Let go of the lavish sit down dinner. In lieu organize a buffet style event. Or, simply cake and champagne, accompanied with some finger food snacks. This proves to be a good choice when the wedding is held late in the afternoon between dinnertimes. Choose a venue that corresponds to the number of guests that you have.

Each marriage, whether it is simple or lavish, has its own unique charm. What is essential is that it matches your vision, while taking into consideration your financial situation.

You can have a wedding as simple as you want, this does not mean that there will be something lacking in it. You can have a simple but elegant marriage, one that will be memorable.

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