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The majority of brides have one common obsession; that of finding the perfect dress for their wedding day. They all want to look outstanding on the big day. They want to wear the dress which they have always dreamt of; one in which they will feel just like a princess. However, it is not always easy to find it, or it is often much expensive.

If this is the case, you can opt for designing your own wedding gown. In this way your dress will turn out exactly the way you want and you will ultimately be pleased. The process of designing the dress can be much fun as well. Also you will have a custom-made dress which you will be proud of. Below is a list of instructions that you will need to abide to while designing your wedding gown.

You will require:

  • Bridal magazines, Bridal salons, Computer Internet, Printer, Blank paper, Writing instrument
  • Go through the bridal magazines. Pull out photographs of designs that please you. Search for details such as hems, necklines, colors, bodices that draw your attention and you find attractive. Keep all the cut outs of the designs carefully in a folder.
  • You can also go to a few bridal salons and try on a number of dresses. Do not try on dresses that you like only or that you would have picked in normal circumstances. You would be surprise at how other dresses can look good on you. Ask a friend to take pictures of you. Then study them and take note of the ones that you prefer and what are the elements that make you look best.
  • Afterwards take out the cut outs that you had previously carefully saved. Lay them on a table and gather all the designs that appeal you the most. Proceed by taking a piece of blank paper and paste each of your favorite elements together in order to create a dress that project the image of the dress that you had in your mind initially.
  • Surf on the Internet. Visit sites that are registered in the resources section. These permit you to select elements and put them all together so that you have your dream dress. Some sites will even give you the opportunity to upload your photo and design your dress on your body itself.
  • Design and print a number of wedding gowns. Lay them side by side and then select that you like most.

Some Tips and Warnings

  • Try on a maximum of designs and take as many photos as possible to know what looks best on you.

Start designing reasonably early.

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