Learn Making Tree Sapling -Marriage Favors that are Eco Friendly

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Giving marriage favors needs not necessarily be costly. You can make marriage favors that are eco friendly and which are well within your budget. Tree saplings are a great option. They neither hurt the environment nor your budget. They are also relatively easy to make. Below are some instructions that will assist you in making tree saplings.

You will need the following items; tree saplings, twine, burlap, hole punch, card stick ink pen and pinking shears.

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First purchase tiny tree saplings. You will easily find them at a nursery in your neighborhood. Opt for trees that are grown in your vicinity. As such you will be sure that they have not been shipped there, and are fresh.

  1. 2

Measure the width and length of your tress sapling’s root ball.

  1. 3

Cut squares out of burlap cloth. They should be the same length as the base of the tree sapling, with six inches more on every side. Cut the burlap fabric by making use of the pinking shears.

  1. 4

Cut out twine portions of around twelve inches.

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Place a square of the burlap on a work surface. Lay a tree sapling halfway the burlap square. Draw the burlap sacking all around the root ball of the tree sapling. Gather it round the trunk of the small tree, and then fasten into position by means of the jute twine. Secure this in a plain knot for the time being. Do the same thing for the remaining wedding favors.

  1. 6

Cut rectangles out of the card stock in a stylish color that go well with your marriage theme. Make use of recycled card stock the most possible.

  1. 7

Write down a “Thank you” message on all the rectangles of paper. Continue by punching a hole at the end of the card.

  1. 8

Slide the card stock one on top of the finish of the twine plus bind it into a knot. Attach the remaining twines around each one of the tree saplings in a bow.

  1. 9

Once finished, put your stunning marriage favors on a small decorated table placed near departure door of your marriage reception.

Some Tips and Warnings

  • Use recycled paper for making “Thank you” notes.
  • Group all the marriage favors in the middle of the table; as such they can be used as an eco friendly marriage centerpiece as well as a marriage favor that the invitees take when they depart.

Ensure that there some tree saplings left for you and your better half as well. Planting them will always reminder you of your big day.

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