Making a Marriage Program

Marriage programs are wonderful mementoes for your invitees. They also serve to meet practical needs. They demonstrate how you service, as well as songs, will be organized, introduce all the participants in the marriage, in addition to thanking your invitees for sharing your happiness by their presence.

Things that you will need to make wedding programs are Kraft papers, acid-free papers, laser printers, decorative paper, tulle, and ribbon and paper-edger scissors.

  • Start by selecting a design that you like. You can consider scrolls, preprinted paper, single cards, folders, etc.
  • Ensure that the design is in line with the style of your other marriage ceremony, in regards to formality, embellishments, paper as well as font.
  • Your marriage program should comprise of the following things: the complete name of the couple along with that of the officiant, venue, time, date, an introduction, order of the ceremony, words to songs, titles of musical collections, names of the performers.
  • Moreover you should insert an expression of appreciation to the participants of the ceremony; namely, the reception hosts, helpers, in addition to family members or close friends who helped in a special way.
  • If you want, you can also put in dedication to or recognition in absent or dead family members.
  • End with a sincere thank-you to your invitees.
  • Make use of a template so that the layout is consistent with the restrictions of the preprinted paper.
  • Generate a master sheet, it can either be handwritten or typed. Then make copies of the program if ever you doing it for a large number of people.
  • In case you choose to print the marriage programs on your personal printer, you should check that the paper is compatible with the printer.
  • Otherwise, if you are going to handwrite all the programs with a fountain pen, the paper should neither be too porous, nor too glossy.
  • Make a sample prior to investing in big quantities of embellishments and paper.

Some Tips and Warnings

  • Use scrapbooking tools and materials during the creation of your programs; like decorative punches, acid-free papers and decorative-edge scissors. Using these archival-grade things will make sure that your marriage programs endure through time.
  • Do not feel concerned if ever all your handmade programs are not exactly the same. Slight differences make each one unique and even better memento.
  • Abstain from all allusions to money trees, gifts, etc.
  • See to it that you do not over decorate your wedding programs. It will only raise the cost.

Vellum and handmade papers are not always acid-free; there may therefore be a deterioration over time.

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