Techniques for Making a Wedding Banner

Weddings have a festive to them, and wedding decorations only add to them. Decorations that are made in weddings are often in accordance to the theme decided by the couple. You can craft your marriage banner from cloth embellish the reception hall, walls or tent to personalize them. You can add strikes of texture and color by choosing fanciful patterns or prints.

Follow the given instructions to successfully make a marriage banner.

You will need the following things, ruler, cardboard, pencil, fabric, scissors, cutting mat, rotary cutter, straight pins, a sewing machine and clothesline.

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Start by measuring and marking out a triangle in your cardboard; its width should be 8 inches and its length. You can easily do this. First trace a straight 8-inch line horizontally. Then draw a perpendicular line of 12-inch to the center of the line previously drawn. Finish by connecting both ends in order to complete your triangle. Once this is done, cut out the triangle from the cardboard with the use of scissors.

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You can now make use of this cardboard template for cutting a number of triangles from the fabric by the means of a rotary cutter on a cutting mat. You should then make a division of the whole length of banner that you require by 8 inches so that you obtain the sum of triangles that you are required to cut. In is important to keep the colors of the marriage banner balanced, therefore ensure that you cut equal amount of triangles from every type of fabric.

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Afterwards, fasten the 8-inch ends of the triangles by the side of the length of clothesline, with the triangles one after the other beginning a foot from the finish of the clothesline. The clothesline should be cut a foot from the finish of the final triangle as soon as they are all pinned.

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The triangles should then be sewed on top of the clothesline with a straight stitch. The straight pins should be removed while you sew. You should first check sew by using a piece of fabric and clothesline.

Some Tips and Warnings

  • Cut out letters that form the couple‚Äôs name from remaining fabric pieced and paste them on place them on the triangles that are on the banner. Simply sew a zigzag stitch all around the boundaries of the letters.
  • Place your fingers a protected distance on the machine while sewing.
  • The rotary cutter should be rolled away from the body. Also maintain your fingers at a reasonable distance from the blade.
  • You should take out the straight pins while you are sewing before they go below the machine needle so as to avoid breaking the sewing machine’s needle.

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