Techniques for Making Craft Wedding Gifts

The majority of people buys wedding gifts or presents the bride and groom gift cards or money. All these make wonderful gifts. However, you can make your present even more special if you opt to do something apart from everyone.

For a change, why don’t you go for making a marriage gift craft which the newlywed can place in their house as a reminder of their big day? Make two amazing marriage day crafts for the couple; a custom-made picture frame and a door hanger with “No Entry” carvings for their wedding night.

You will need the following item; a wooden double frame, a wooden hanger, embellishments, photographs of couple, paint and paint brushes.

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Buy one wooden double photograph frame as well as one wooden door hanger. Start with the photo frame. Paint it in a color that both the bride and groom will appreciate. Go for colors like blue, red, black, white or a pale yellow/green that will please both sexes.

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Embellish the outer ends of the photo frame with feathers, rhinestones, heart shapes or monograms. Or you can try to use the groom and bride die cuts. Painting the name of the couple and/or the marriage date on edge is a good idea too.

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Place a photo of them when they initially began to date on one face of the double photo frame and leave the other side blank so that they can insert one of their wedding photographs. Or you can simply slide a paper that says “put your marriage photograph here” so that they understand what you mean.

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Now start with the door hanger. Paint it completely with a sexy color; you can use red or black. Allow it to dry. Then use your paintbrush and write something naughty and fun, like “don’t disturb, we are making our wedding official.” Glue lip and hearts on it. If the couple is more “game” then you can glue condoms as well as condom wrappers on the door hanger.

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Wrap up your gifts creatively to maintain the fun and personalized gifts. You can place them in a basket that the couple can use later on. Adorn it with ribbons and bows. They will give the gift fullness. Enjoy making it!

Some Tips and Warnings

  • Add personal touches to the crafts the most possible. The most you personalize you gifts the more the couple will appreciate the effort that you have put in.
  • Don’t put embarrassing photographs of the couple in the frames. Gifts are made to please the persons receiving them, not to embarrass them, and surely not for their wedding!

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