The method not to have only one best man for your wedding

A bride will more often than not have more than a single bridesmaid, the reason being that she is just not able to choose one friend among her close friends to stand by her on her wedding day. But why cannot it be the same for the groom? Well it is surely a bit harder to have more than a single best man. This is so because the best man has specific duties to carry out while the all bridesmaids are given general tasks of the bride to carry out; no one person in particular is given a more important role than the other.

The duties of the best man is well defined; he is the one who keeps the wedding ring, he is also responsible to give an initial speech at the wedding ceremony, he is the one to reach the church accompanied with the groom, who he should make sure is looking at his best.

While you may be thinking that it is useless to have more than one best man as there is only one ring, this is not really so. Unlike women, men do not easily get offended or feel threatened. Instead of keeping a grudge against you, they will be more than relieved to share some of the responsibility of the best man if ever you ask them.

In case you wish to have more than a single best man on your big day, do let your close friends know well in advance and also explain your reasons behind your decision. Explain them the various duties of a best man. Naturally, one single person will not like to handle all the responsibility of giving toasts and doing speeches and grooming you or holding the ring. In fact most best men do not really like to have the responsibility to hold the ring for fear of losing it!

Initially let them choose their duties in accordance to what they are best at; the timid one may opt to merely carrying the ring, while another of your friends, a more outgoing one, might be more of a public speaker. However, do not let them take the final decision of their roles. They are your close friends and you know them best; cross verify the roles, you certainly do not want your careless friend to have the responsibility of the ring on you big day!

In case your friends are having difficulties choosing their roles, you can always help them out, by giving them different but equally significant roles, so that at the end of the day they all form part of you big wedding day!

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