Ways to make economical wedding gifts

Putting together economical wedding favors can indeed be very inexpensive and economical. Nowadays people are always seeking to cut back on expenses. In present times, a wedding, on average, easily costs more than a second-hand car. In such situations, a good approach to saving cash is to decreases expenses on places where the couple can still project a good image for around half the cost incurred.

There exist several magazines, websites and books that provide crafty wedding suggestions. A way out can be a candle along with a bow with its base that matches the color of the wedding. While it is symbolic of hope and unity, it is also very elegant. Another solution might be to make your purchases in bulk. For instance, you can make your shopping at Dollar tree store or Dollar store. You can buy small statuettes and distribute them when the invitees are seated at the wedding table. Or you can always buy stuffed animals, picture frames, fake flowers, photo albums or plaques with inspiring quotes engraved on them.

If the to-be couple wants to make a tiny gift basket or bag as wedding favors, they can always add samples of soap and shampoo or hand lotions in them. These are usually scented and will spread a nice smell. In case the couple is lucky enough, they can find out the smell of the wedding flowers. Another idea, a bit more expensive, is to purchase matches that are engraved with the initials of the couple or the year of their wedding on the reverse of the matchbook. This wedding favor has a very personalized touch and yet remains very affordable.  Taking nowadays society into consideration, this gift is a very practical one.

If the couple has set a higher budget for their wedding favors, they can gift t-shirts that have the initials or date of the couple. They can also invest in CDs consisting of a collection of wedding songs. Funnier ideas include allowing them to take a custom-made place mat home. Cheaper but still nice ideas are to distribute bags that contain nuts, fruits or candy. This will be especially appealing to the children.

If you want to treat the gentleman who will be present on your wedding, you can present them a custom-made pocketknife. A miniature vial of wine would also please them. The essence of distributing wedding favors is to make sure that the day is filled with delight. Therefore while the couple should try to be economical, they should also be able to please their guests.

Whatever be the wedding favor, the wedding day should be well remembered both by the couple and their guests.

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