Ways to make sure that your wedding dress is seasonal

While it is not absolutely important for the bride to wear a wedding dress that goes with the season of her wedding ceremony, doing so can certainly bring an added festive touch to the ceremony. So if you wish to bring a seasonal touch to your dress on the big day, here are some ideas to be adopted:

  • Color

This is surely the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when one thinks of “matching”. They are not wrong, as colors can indeed be a quick and easy way to match your dress with the current season. This is so as every season has specific colors related to it. While spring invoke images of grass greens and yellows, summer on the other hand conjures up images of profound deep cobalt blues that echo that lively colors of flowers when in full bloom in addition to the beaches. Fall is more known for its burnt oranges and profound golden orches. Finally winter appears to be linked with the dark shades of navy and maroon.

It is not necessary that your dress be one of the above-mentioned colors in order that it matches with the actual season. Adding some little accents of the color all through the wedding dress is sufficient. It will not only provide it a unique look, but it will also be seasonal.

  • Detail

Resorting to color is not the sole way to match your wedding dress with the season. You can make use of the details of your wedding dress in order to evoke the tones and feelings of the diverse seasons. You can consider rosebuds or budding plants in spring while lilies of the valley especially attractive in summer. In fall, one has the opportunity to select between a large number of options with acorns and autumn leaves. Winter comes with some unanticipated and vibrant colors, such as, mistletoe, holly or poinsettias.

These details can be more easily worked in with conventional fabric, like ribbon trim or lace. The look will undoubtedly be seasonal.

  • Construction

If you want to highlight the season in more understated way, you can consider the construction and fabrics of the garment. Choose light and airy fabrics for warmer seasons and heavier fabrics for cooler times. Pay attention to the construction of the garment as well. Opt for full skirts and long sleeves for winter season and shorter or strapless dresses for summer.

Whatever the methods that you choose to highlight the season, at the end of the day, the most crucial thing is that you love your wedding dress. These ideas might just help you out to do so!

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