What You Can Wear For a Wedding Reception

The art of dressing well can be particular helpful for an event like a wedding reception. You certainly do not want to dress too fancily or too plainly; you will be conspicuous as a sore thumb. This is definitely not the image that you want to project to the couple or guests. Except if you are the groom or brides, it serves to learnt the basics of how to dress for a wedding reception prior to attending one.

Here are some guidelines

Take notice of the invitation. If ever it specifies what to wear; black tie or a formal dress, then you should dress accordingly for the occasion. This implies wearing a suit and tie or tuxedo for the men and ball gowns or full-length dresses for the women.

Take indications from the venue designated for the reception. Most of the time, you can opt for a more casual and relaxed clothing if the reception will be carried out outside compared to if the reception is in a formal ballroom.

Abstain from dressing too casually, except if the invitation expressly asks you to dress in t-shirts and jeans, for you will still be attending a wedding, in the end. Even the most laid-back venues need a certain degree of etiquette. At most, you should go for business casual dress like polo shirts and khakis.

Restrain from wearing patterns that are excessively wild or choose colors that are much loud.

You should also take the weather into consideration. When choosing your outfit, you should keep the season in mind, so that you can pick something in which you would be most comfortable. If the weather announces to be bad, take a coat and umbrella, just in case.

You can always check what your friends are wearing and wear something in the same vein; as such, you will minimize the chance to go all wrong.

In addition you can consult the groom or bride to know what to wear. This method is an infallible one. However, except if the couple is a close family member, this should be your resort. On the other hand, if the invitation card does not provide any clues or if you are not able to get in contact with other guests, this will be your best alternative.

Some Tip and Warnings

  • Dress judiciously. For instance, do not wear shoes with high heels if the reception is on the beach. Do not wear a turtleneck if the venue is on the poolside.

Last but not the least; never wear something white when attending a wedding or attempt to outshine the bride. This is taken as having poor taste.

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