Wrapping a French Wedding Bouquet

French bridal bouquets can be defined as a round flower arrangement.  The fact that they compliment practically dresses of any fashion, French bridal bouquets are well-liked and very fashionable in weddings.

While arranging French bouquets it should be kept in mind that they are done in such a way that they are easy to hold and safe in the hands.  Mastering the techniques and skills of wrapping this bouquet is very easy and you can use this lovely for you own wedding.

Items Needed:

  • Pearl-tipped straight pushpins
  • Flowers
  • Scissors
  • Wide satin ribbon
  • Floral tape
  • Knife

Take a strong hold of the bouquet in one of your hands.  While adding flowers to the bouquet, tighten your grip on the bouquet as you add the flowers and as it gets bigger.  Feel free to put the flowers in the shape of your wish.  Standing before a mirror will help you to observe the appearance of bouquet in contrast to the form of your body.

Maintain your grip with a hand in the centre of the stalks.  Swathe floral tape all round the flower stalks firmly where the stalks naturally meet or about 3 to 4 inches beneath the buds of the flowers.

Using a knife cut the stalks at such an angle in order that all the stems are of the same length at the bottom.  The flowers will take in more water if you cut the flower stalks at an angle.  Around 7 to 8 inches should be the length of the stalks.

Now, cut a piece of ribbon which is about thrice the length of the flower stems, about 21 to 24 inches in length.  Insert one end of the ribbon amid the flower stems, beneath the floral tape.

Drape the ribbon all round the bouquet, ensuring that you cover up the floral tape on the initial wrap.  Reaching the bottom, drape back up to the top of the flower arrangement, and insert the other last part into the tape once more.

Fasten the pushpins into the stalks, beginning at the last part of the ribbon and all along, down the backside of the flower arrangement.  The pins must be in an orderly and tidy line down the back of the arrangement.   Only the pearls must be visible.

Some Tips and Warnings

  • In case you do not wish to make the bouquet right away after cutting the stalks, you can put the plants in water until you are prepared to wrap them.
  • Be careful not to make use of scissors with the flowers.  The strength of the flower will squeeze the stalks and hamper water absorption.

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